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The Greatest Healing – Knowing Jesus

As we begin to look together at God’s answer to the pain and struggle of gender confusion I feel I need to say that this section is not a philosophy or a recovery programme – a series of steps to follow that will change your desires and identity. The Christian message has at its centre, not a set of rules but a relationship with God, the Creator of the world, made possible through the sacrificial death of his Son, Jesus Christ, on the cross. I have tried to share that message clearly with you in the section ‘Heaven’s View’ on this website. This message stands or falls on whether Jesus truly rose from the dead on the third day after his crucifixion. I leave it for each person reading these words to come to their own conclusion regarding this question but it is the most important question you will ever have to consider, because if Jesus did rise from the dead then he was and is who he said he was and will one day judge the world and each one of us. If we have rejected him as Lord and Saviour of our lives we face a terrifying eternal existence in hell. For a good reasoned explanation of why the resurrection should be treated as a historical fact I recommend the following resource from Josh McDowell a respected Bible teacher and speaker....

I encourage you to work through the pages below in order. My prayer is that Jesus who met me in my own confusion and lostness will meet with you also and that in meeting with him you too will begin to discover and rejoice in your true identity as a man or woman created in God's image.

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